Not so far; almost 1 year ago in my bridal shower party while i was carrying Bride-To-Be sash hanging down from right shoulder to my hips, my dear & oldest friend Simge was wondering if she' d TO BE be ever never BRIDE. But now here we go with her red red cookies :) Life is full of suprises, so never quit dreaming for the beauties...

My cookies were presented to the precious guests of the party in this chic navy boxes ornamented with gold plated caftan hardwares and red ribbon and tassels.

And they were presented by me inside this leaf green box with polka dots.
I was enormously honored and admired by the people who'd seen these cookies, but like every pioneer woman there was a secret hero behind me. And guess who; without a doubt my soulmate and great sister; HANDAN ;)

These may seem so cute from the picture; but only me, Handan and God knows how it's been so diffucult to make these 60 decorated sugar cookies. It was more likely to be a mess rather than having pleasure to honor my dear friend. Just because the sugar gumpaste was in poor condition of packaging.
Skipping the details, with the great support and encouragement of Handan, we ended up with these beauties :) Once again, thanx heavenly to my sultan Handan. And i deeply hope that next year she will the one who wears the BRIDE-TO-BE sash ;)